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Post your project

Post your school project, assignment, essay, work or project on If you don't get any bids or if you don't need to use your listing anymore, than you can cancel your listing any time. There will be no fees involved. You only pay the fees after your auction has ended when there is a highest bidder or when someone choose to "buy it now" your listing.

Wait for bidders

Wait for freelancers/bidders to bid on your project. When your auction has been ended you must pay the fees on our website before the freelancer can work on your project. Auctions can be ended by the highest bidding or if they choose the "buy it now" option.

Receive your files

After you paid the fees to the freelancer will work on your project. If you are happy with the work, than you can leave feedback to the freelancer.

Freelancer get paid

When the freelancer is finished the project and you are stisfied with the results after receiving your files, than we will release the money to the freelancer. will only allow escrow service to keep this site safe for the employer and freelancer.